Artist Statement

My work is located at the intersection of painting and technology, where I aim to develop a new visual language in which the boundaries between these modes of display are dissolved. Through the combination of traditional abstract painting with the virtual space, I explore the interpretation of reality and perception. Combining digital and analog media allow me to create a strong connection between the two media of imagery and transfer aesthetic approaches from one to the other. By way of omitting key elements of information, I create abstract, enigmatic universes on canvas and in virtual spaces that provoke irritation. Narrative elements that are not fully palpable make room for assumptions. They throw the viewers back to their own experiences and story and stimulate them to reconnect with their imagination. While my analog approach is hovering on the threshold of painting and sculpture, it expands the scope and definition of both these branches of the visual arts. In my art, I want to open a portal to a new concept of art in which definitions of painting, sculpture, viewer, and player need to be renegotiated. Tracing new access points to an interdisciplinary art scene that is becoming increasingly digitalized, I pose questions about how painting may be positioned in the future and how art may be created, presented, and consumed from here on out.