artist statement



My work is located at the intersection of art and technology. Both fields reveal a dimension in which we can align our interpretation of reality with that of others, exploring more direct ways of communication. Advancements within this intersection will generate more empathy, equality, and sustainability in our society. At the core of my interest lies the question of the interpretation of reality, perception and consciousness. The immediacy of painting as a medium and the range of information that can be simultaneously communicated through it has always fascinated me. As a painter, I have freed myself from the restraints of classical painting and started expanding the space in which painting resides through digital technologies. How can contemporary painting be redefined? What is the definition of contemporary painting now and does it have to be tied to analog media and processes?


To explore those questions, I work in a variety of mediums, the choice of medium being guided by what I strive to communicate through it. Merging analog and digital media allows me to transfer aesthetic approaches from one media to the other. My work does not only aesthetically depict the permeability of analog and digital worlds, the complexity of relationships, social networks, and (digital) communication, but also allows the viewer to experience it. I am interested in questioning new advancements and uses of technology, as well as exploring their potential through art. Gaining new access points to an antidisciplinary art scene that is becoming increasingly digitized, I pose questions about what position art may hold in the future and how art may be created, presented, and consumed from here on out.