artist statement


My work explores concepts of reality, perception, and consciousness. I investigate the disparity between actual and virtual spheres, their entanglement, and how they are embedded in and emerge from digital technologies. Working in a variety of media such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, installation, video, painting, and sound allows me to develop a more precise understanding of our surroundings, ourselves, and how perceptions differ.


I explore the enmeshment between technology and the body, and the various utopian/dystopian narratives provoked by this relationship. Individuals, culture, and existing sociopolitical power structures are both fragmented and homogenized by digitality. My practice not only aesthetically depicts the permeability of analog and digital realities but also the complexity of relationships and social networks, and allows the recipient to experience it. I conjure a space in which technology is not separate from but a part of us, allowing a  critical and generative perspective that unfolds new possibilities and means of perception.