output layer



output layer examines the concepts of desubjectivation embedded within the emergence of digitality. The piece explores how hypercapitalism exploits us by turning our bodies into sources for digital data extraction, inducing a notion of desubjectivation by expropriating our bodies. The diagram recreates a visual system to reveal the entanglements of political, social, and philosophical concepts in the 21st century, investigating connections between the human body, internet culture, capitalist economies, the art market, economies of desire, and surveillance. Three videos refer to and deconstruct the actual installation space as a 3D  scan. One screen disguises the video through a 2-way mirror, like the fabric, playing with the ambiguity of semitransparency, concealing information and at the same time animating to take a closer look. The sound for the installation is a collaboration with the musician Kyle Bates